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40M in harassment suit Lawrence M. Metcalf, 43, has charged former trooper Andrew Mohan, 37, who also owned a private security company where Metcalf worked, of harassing him and illegally accessing police records in order to spread falsities about Metcalf in retaliation for a business relationship that ended badly.Claiming state and county officials failed to properly supervise Mohan, Metcalf has also included the State of Maryland, Prince George County and a Prince George County Police Department officer in his complaint, which he filed Feb. 22 with the United States District Court for the District of Maryland.Metcalf is seeking $40 million in damages, according to the complaint.A spokeswoman for the Maryland Attorney General office said Metcalf complaint had not been received as of Feb. 25.None of the other listed defendants could be reached for comment by deadline and Mohan did not have an attorney listed. Metcalf was unavailable for comment and his College Park based attorney, Bradley S. Farrar, has declined to comment.According to the complaint, Metcalf, who describes himself as a private investigator, was employed by a private security company Mohan owned in 2005.In the complaint, Metcalf presents several incidents in 2007 that he believes show a pattern of harassment. Shortly after leaving Mohan company, Metcalf accuses Mohan of visiting his employer and making false statements that Metcalf had raped a woman and was not licensed as a security guard, supposedly in an attempt to get Metcalf fired.Metcalf alleged that Mohan also created a fraudulent Alert in July 2007 that was sent out to Prince George County law enforcement warning that Metcalf was impersonating police and should be treated as armed and dangerous.According to the complaint, several officials within the Prince George County Police Department did not post the alert because they thought it was fraudulent, but Metcalf accuses Mohan of conspiring with another police officer to send it out. District 4 police received the alert on Aug. 8, 2007, and it was not taken down until January 2009, he alleges.The Prince George County Police Department did not immediately return a request for comment.In the complaint, Metcalf holds state and county officials responsible for Mohan actions, saying they failed to supervise Mohan and put safeguards into place to protect against the harassment he claims took place.Mohan, whose last known address was in Hyattsville, served as a trooper from 2001 through December 2008, when he was indicted by the Maryland Attorney General office on charges of theft and misconduct, according to his Upper Marlboro based attorney in that case, Don Edward Ansell. Ansell said he had not heard about this suit as of Feb. 25.On Dec. 10, 2009, a Prince George County Circuit Court jury found him guilty of working two private security jobs while on the clock as a trooper resulting in the theft of $3,200 in wages he collected during that time from the state and abusing his power by accessing restricted criminal and motor vehicle records, according to a release from the Maryland Attorney's General's office, which prosecuted the case.Metcalf served as a witness against Mohan, according to the Maryland Attorney General office.Mohan was sentenced Jan. 29 to serve nine months in jail, but filed a notice Feb. 19 that he planned to appeal.This is the second time Metcalf has filed suit against Mohan, according to Maryland court records. In 2007, he filed charges against Mohan in Prince George County Circuit Court. The case involved similar allegations, according to Ansell, and was dismissed by a judge in 2008.Ansell said the dismissal made Metcalf ineligible to file suit against Mohan again in Circuit Court, but Metcalf most recent suit was filed in federal court as a civil rights case. Metcalf attorney declined to comment on the matter.

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